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Camp Alaska–December 18-19, 2021

Join us for Camp Alaska, December 18-19! Cost is $5 per person. Participants provide their own food and water. Registration is due by Saturday, December 11.  You can register at the registration tab above!


Camp Alaska is Troop 333’s annual survival skills camp at Firelands Scout Reservation. This is an outing for Scouts to use their knowledge and self-reliance to endure a night in a primitive winter camping environment.

The event is held over a 24 hour period in which Scouts will:

  • Arrive at camp Saturday morning at 9AM and backpack-in all of their own gear and food on a 3-mile hike to the site.
  • Once on site, each Scout will build their own shelter with a tarp (12’x12′) which they must bring and provide.
  • Natural-fiber twine is the only roping allowed (no paracord, etc).
  • All gear is Scout provided (including all cooking and shelter gear). Camp Alaska base camp Scouts may bring firestarters.
  • Each Scout will be responsible for preparing and cooking their own food, as well as maintaining their own fires per shelter group.  Each scout must also bring and maintain at least 1 gallon of drinking water (transported to site separately by sled).
  • Proper gear and skills are a very important consideration for each attendee.
  • Each Scout who is a first year attendee must have a parent attend the Camp Alaska prep meeting on December 12.

For added challenge, Scouts can try the Polar Bear challenge:

  • Scout must have Camping and/or Wilderness Survival merit badge.
  • Scout must have previously completed a prior Camp Alaska.
  • Scout may bring a 12’x12′ tarp, and their own natural twine.
  • Scout may have no more than (3) strike anywhere matches as their only source of fire starting (if one fails to get their fire started, they simply return to the main Camp Alaska group).  No firestarters or accelerants permitted, only natural fire materials may be brought/used.
  • Scout may not have any phone, tablet, or electronic devices for the overnight.

Camp Alaska is an exciting and fun event, but it requires proper gear, preparedness, and abilities for all attendees.

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